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The Left to Right Movement is coming to a business, nonprofit, event or political campaign near you. Like a reality show, but real. We feature real owners and managers, real marketing challenges and opportunities, real budgets, real target audiences, real solutions you can implement for yourself.

Our challenge in every “show” is to move audiences left to right, from awareness, to interest, trial, increased frequency and spend, all the way to advocacy.

Left to Right Targets U.S. Senate

Just when you thought all was quiet on the Left to Right front.

We’re happy to share that The Left to Right Movement is working with John Mertens for U.S. Senate 2010. John is running as an independent representing Connecticut. Giulia Gouge of SheSoSocial and Amy Desmarais and Andre Yap of Ripple100 are in the L2R team working with John and his volunteer corps.

We met John during Social Web Week CT, and immediately converged on the opportunity based on shared vision and values to move his campaign left to right (no pun intended).

Far beyond a campaign for votes and donations, our Left to Right movement for Mertens 2010 focuses on the following:

  • Build awareness for a third party candidate who is starting from scratch, without any machinery and very limited funding.
  • Engage disaffected citizens who have grown cynical of politics as usual in a very different political process, one that invites people from all walks to participate, listens to what they have to say, engages them in dialogue, and identifies and facilitates constructive ways for sustained involvement in democracy.
  • As with Social Web Week CT, mix results-oriented community organizing and grassroots groundswell with a generous dose of online social media and technologies to create a “social web, where mighty things can be dared and achieved in days that would have taken years.” (Excerpted from The New Haven Project: 100 Common Visions in 100 Days) Indeed, here we have barely 100 days to election day when we jumped in.

As our first milestone, and very much reflective of the social web dynamics of the campaign, we are happy to announce the opening of Mertens 2010 campaign office. Please visit and stay a while, speak up as often and any time you like:

Stay tuned for ongoing updates on our Left to Right Movement for Mertens 2010.

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Our Left to Right gang just spent the last 6 weeks moving the meter on Social Web Week CT.

Seems almost quaint to look back to Wed, May 27 when we first hatched the idea and organizational plan, named it Social Web (vs. Social Media) Week, hashtagged #swCT, to the crowds we drew and grew at Bru every Wednesday without fail, to the week finally coming through and seeing vision turn into action into impact - not just attendance, but the sheer energy of all 30 events in 7 days, and now the spillover and sustainability that tells us, confirms to us we have indeed started a movement. Whew!

Today we’re back at Bru to follow up on 2 #swCT items:

  • Politics. We’ve been approached by 2 candidates - one for US Senate, the other for US Congress - both attendees of our #swCT Tuesday foray into Campaign 2.0 about doing L2R for their respective campaigns. We talked about the long-tail economics that’s worked so well in biz and how it’s a question of how, not if, it can be applied to political campaigns, very much in synch with our L2R groove. Is the Left to Right Movement coming to a political campaign near you? Stay tuned, or better yet join us!
  • Marketing for Marketers. We’re going to follow up on action items coming out of our #swCT Wednesday event, which drew marketers from all over CT, and their considerable energies. As one of us said, our #swCT gig easily outhustled and outnumbered a similar one they had in Internet Week NYC. Stay tuned, or better yet join us!

Today at Bru Cafe Noon to 1pm.

— 4 years ago
2.4 swCT Marketing Notes

Marketing is Ask & Offer. What are we asking you to do? What are we offering you so you’ll want to do it? Ask & Offer are key as we launch full-on into marketing Social Web Week CT July 10 to 16 in New Haven.

Ask & Offer is also key in understanding the ins and outs of the Left to Right Movement. A&O is very different depending on where you are left to right. With 23 days to kick-off, we’ll be focusing the next 3 weeks on the following left to right sequences:

  • Awareness & Buzz for the week and each of the 7-Day themes. The Ask: click this link and share it. The Offer: with so many links and articles being passed around, the cursory twitter or facebook link to or to one of the themed days (e.g., Friends & Family Sunday), just won’t cut it. It’s not enough of an offer. Find a hook - a good story, a personal or unexpected twist, drama, fun, bloopers. That’s how you preface the link and get people to click and share.
  • Attendance for each of the 22 events (and counting). The Ask: click this link, mark the date on your calendar, be there! The Offer: the lure of the great topic or the star panelists, right? At best, maybe. There are so many great topics and star guests out there - you’re likely just adding to that noise if you can’t rise above that din. How about this as an offer: who else is going? and what are they excited about? In other words, comment streams that show (literally with pictures) who’s going and what they’re all buzzed up about. E.g., twitter streams - as you see, we’ve already added them to the site. When you tweet about swCT events, try doing these 2 things: 1) tell us why you’re excited about it; and 2) use #swCT hashtag so, follow you or not, we can all see and benefit from your thrill. (For example)
  • Advocacy from attendees to their networks (phone, email, twitter, facebook, etc.). The Ask & Offer: Ah, it’s part and parcel of our Left to Right discipline to take the movement in steps. This week we’ll focus on Awareness, Interest, Attendance as above. The bridge to Advocacy - as important as it is to convert every fan into 5, 10, 15 more - we’ll cross when we’re nearer. Left to Right is a marketing discipline - in a world of so many great ideas and cool technologies, how do move the meter in the ways that matter?

P.S. if you’re wondering about episodes 2.2 to 2.3, we cut them as video shorts below. The last 2 weeks of L2R we spent with the swCT crew hammering out events and logistics. After all, without the event, there is no event marketing. From hereon to finale Wed, July 14 it will be all marketing all the time.

Disclaimer: These are notes; they’re one way to think about marketing with results. They’re not the only way. Have your own ideas? Share your comments here, or submit a post (see gray sidebar on the right). We’d love to hear from you!

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Key quesiton from @JoeCascio. Answers coming soon. What do you think? Feel free to chime in.

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60 minutes of #swCT planning distilled into 96 seconds.

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Aldon explains PodcampCT, another kick-ass event we’ll be spotlighting for Social Web Week CT. Who can translate this: Let’s move #pcCT #L2R during #swCT!

— 4 years ago

The Left to Right Movement takes on Social Web Week CT. Next episode happening Wed 06.09 noon to 1 @BruCafe

— 4 years ago

Giulia, better known as SheSoSocial, talks about one of Saturday’s kick-ass kick-off events for Social Web Week CT. In a word: yum!

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Good question, Sherry (aka Retail Goddess). Answers coming up in this week’s take on #swCT (Episode 2.2 of Left to Right Movement)!

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Jack and Andre talk swCT in relation to GoogleHaven, a social web enabled community campaign to make New Haven Google’s choice as pilot city for 100x faster internet.

— 4 years ago
1.4 Bru Keeps Going Right

From James Grace, here’s the latest on Bru Café’s left to right movement.

One week ago this past Friday, Jaymes Grace of sat with Bru Café owner Curtis Packer to discuss what had been happening with Bru and to find out what Curtis was interested in seeing happen going forward.

Lots of discoveries in that meeting. They spent most of three hours together. From that discussion, Jaymes Grace and Curtis agreed to include the “Culture of Bru” as a main focal point in it’s marketing. Bru has a strong connection to the New Haven community thru local art and music and the creators of such. It was decided that Bru’s marketing plan will include the new emphasis on available delivery Monday through Friday and bring in the cultural side for the evenings and weekend.

Also equally important, Jaymes discussed with Curtis the need for a consistent brand. The one thing Jaymes is insistent upon in marketing is “Don’t send a ransom note!” Do not make your marketing message look like it was cut and pasted from various magazines with no clear conveyance of how to find you. Curtis agreed and they right then and there decided on two logo’s. The Andy Warhol style color logo which can now be found on Bru’s new Fanpage and the black and white scroll for packaging and black and white printing.

Next up was a meeting with Bru’s co-owner, Bill Readey. Jaymes and Bill got together a few days later. By then Jaymes had put in place Bru’s Fanpage and linked it to their twitter and set-up a temporary new background on twitter. Jaymes also had begun inviting over friends from their profile page. As of this writing, 232 friends admit to liking BruCafe NewHaven. Bill shared with Jaymes ideas that he had, but did not have an opportunity to implement. Most were tied in with the music/cultural defined aspect of Bru. There also was a creative marketing piece that Bill had created that Jaymes agreed could find its way into Bru’s marketing plan.

Jaymes Grace is finishing up Bru’s marketing plan this week and will sit down with owners Curtis and Bill of Friday to discuss. Next week you will get to see what is in the marketing plan. One thing that is not in it is the extensive fax list that was left behind by the previous owners. Bill Readey who has been with Bru before it was Bru, confirmed that that list was too dated. So he and Jaymes agreed to scratch it and start again.

We all know it would be better to delete that old XL file or even worst – that list of email addresses or fax numbers that we’ve all accumulated about 5 years ago. None of whom you’ve even attempted to contact since before the advent of Twitter. And while we had the courage to hit delete if we could also empty out that old shoe box of business cards that you one day will never get around to. So kudos to Bru for the all around fresh approach.  See you next week.

— 4 years ago
2.1 #swCT On The Move

Seven days later, here are 7 things we know:

1. Social Web Week will be an annual CT event, hosted on a rotating basis in various cities.

2. The first annual Social Web Week CT will be in New Haven from Saturday, July 10 to Friday, July 16.

3. Social Web Week @ New Haven will feature an anchor theme/event each day, each a showcase of how social media and technologies are currently being used in various aspects of life in CT. Here are the daily themes:

  • Saturday kick-off with Food & Nightlife
  • Sunday Friends & Family
  • Monday Tech & Startups
  • Tuesday Sectors - Biz, Nonprofits, Media, Community
  • Wednesday Marketing
  • Thursday For a Cause
  • Friday wrap-up with Connecticut 

4. Social Web Week makes social media and technologies accessible to everyday people, by showcasing how they are currently being used for a diversity of everyday activities in CT.

5. Social Web Week is also about people - we will bring together those who are active in CT social media, from bloggers to Tweeps, so we can get to know each other and come to a better understanding how we can work together for a better CT.

6. We will use a dedicated blog (out shortly) and Twitter hashtag #swCT.

7. Among other targets, we want to draw national attention and media coverage from the New York Times.

To point #4, Social Web Week is really a natural extension of our vision for the Left to Right Movement: to make the social web more useful to people who run businesses, nonprofits, events, political campaigns and the like - by showing in a live reality show format how social media and technologies can be used to, as we say, move the meter.

Join us for office hours as we move Social Web Week left to right. Wed 06.02.2010 12-1 at Bru Cafe. This is Left to Right Movement Episode 2.1, finale slated for Wed 07.14.2010.

— 4 years ago
2.0 #swCT is Live!

This is as real as reality show gets.

Halfway through office hour yesterday, somewhere between weekly update for Left to Right Movement 1.0 (Bru Cafe) and logistics for case study 2.0 (New Haven Symphony), timetables came up.

At the current pace of one episode per week, our 2.0 finale is headed for a date with the July 4th holidays. No way.

The finale has to happen the following week of July 5. Turns out New Haven hosts several social media happening that week, so much so that brilliant minds were starting to dub it “social web week”.

A vision was emerging of the whole (social web week) being more than the sum of its parts (disparate events all with social web components).

That’s when aha happened. Why not Social Web Week as case study 2.0? 1.0 was a business, 2.0 would be an event, 3.0 a nonprofit. Each a live showcase of how to move audiences left to right, each a serialized reality show of weekly episodes leading up to finale (Awareness & Engagement week 1; Trial & Acquisition week 2; Retention & Lifetime Value week 3; Advocacy week 4; entire Left to Right Movement, aka finale, week 5).

Timing looks exquisite. Summer is an “events”  zeitgeist, followed by Fall re-openings, just in time for the New Haven Symphony’s new season…

Social Web Week it is. The idea is to have anchor events each day - each event a showcase of various fixtures of the social web scene as they play into life in New Haven and CT. Stuff like #GoogleHaven, #Tweetcrawl, #pubcrawl, #pcCT, #Festival15, #BeerHere, and of course #L2R.

Join us for kick-off of Left to Right Movement 2.0 Social Web Week @ New Haven Wed, 06.02.2010 nn to 1:00 pm. Venue TBD. Go #swCT!

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1.3 Bru Cafe Movements

Jaymes Grace and Paul Malafronte are leading our left to right charge with BruCafe! Good things happening as we reconvene for office hours as usual Wed 05.26.2010 @ noon - where else but at Bru.

Preview the exciting movements through Twitter #L2R, or join us live. With Bru on the move, we’ve already begun discussing our next case study - a nonprofit this time. Stay tuned, announcing soon.

— 4 years ago
1.2 Bru Cafe Recap

Left to Right Movement continues this Wed 05.19.2010 with office hours open to the public. We’re at Bru Cafe again starting 12NN, reviewing last week’s group dump. Goal is to submit a body of recommendations that owners Curtis and Bill can implement to move Bru’s takeout audiences left to right:

Starting left with Awareness

  • Target office buildings within 7-minute walking distance of Bru Cafe in Orange Street. Estimate addressable audience between 500-1000 professionals (courthouse, post office, library, banks, law firms, retail, etc.).
  • Our field survey shows many members of this audience buy lunch once a week, are open to and enthusiastic about takeout, especially around payday.
  • Start with offline materials - signage, facade, menus, deliver.
  • Meet customers and prospects where they are - fax specials via office, SMS phones, building/floor/office gatekeepers.
  • Rotate focus per building, make each building-audience feel special.

Moving them onto Interest

  • It’s not just food; brand the experience.
  • "An oasis: fast, fresh, fantastic - something to look forward to in busy week."
  • Special focus on Twitter - put it on all materials (signage, wall, takeout), give special discounts via Twitter.
  • Blog presence where people can learn more about fresh news, not just website
  • See advocacy - tell stories, cast of characters, (owners, staff, delivery people) recipes, customers old and new, neighbors, etc.

Getting them to Try & Repeat

  • Have a clear ask that prospect can say yes/no to.
  • E.g., Payday package - people look forward to payday, so ride this anticipation with a takeout package that really pampers - gives them a wow experience (oasis)
  • Maybe send out advance materials, have them fill out payday package night before
  • On first elivery, include coupons with a time limit in it. E.g., 20% off your next visit in the next 14 days.
  • Consider cooperative promos that link Bru services with related vendors. What else do busy workers do? Dry clean, flowers, etc.

All the way right: Advocacy!

  • Can’t fake, stage, or script word of mouth (wom) - but you can stimulate, amplify and focus it.
  • To encourage wom, ask questions that trigger conversations and organic story-telling.
  • To amplify wom - capture the conversations and stories in media/formats that make the come alive, and are easy to share
  • To focus wom - ask questions and stimulate conversations around qualities you care about. Oasis, fast, fresh, fantastic.
  • E.g., how does Bru takeout make you feel? How does a bruasis feel after lunch?
  • Track visits (you have customer coordinates via delivery) and recognize when customer is ripe for advocacy. E.g., the third time they order.

Implementation notes:

  • time, money, resource constraints - so focus
  • find L2R path by focusing on one focal point at each stage
  • cost follow revenue - hire interns and other staff on experiments with clearly defined parameters and timeliness (e.g., hire an intern to test 4 buildings for month of June).

As you can see, Left to Right is a movement in many ways. Join us.

— 4 years ago